2 LA deputies wounded in Las Vegas mass shooting, more Southern California resid…

LOS ANGELES — Off-duty Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department personnel attended the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival on the Las Vegas Strip and two were hit by gunfire in last night’s massacre, with one left in critical condition and a second displaying stable vital signs, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department said today.

With initial reports of multiple shooters in numerous locations in Las Vegas, Sheriff Jim McDonnell activated the Department Operations Center shortly after the shooting was reported and readied a response team that included SWAT teams and a bomb squad, the Sheriff’s Information Bureau reported.

Additionally, a Super Puma helicopter was prepared for deployment but was stood down after the Las Vegas Metro SWAT team determined that a single shooter was involved, located him and killed him.

As is usually the case, Las Vegas was teeming with Southland residents Sunday night. A Long Beach resident who attended the festival described how he helped carry an unconscious woman to out of the line of fire.

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