4 Orange County attorneys disbarred, another 4 suspended for violations

Four Orange County lawyers have been disbarred by the State Bar of California and another four were suspended.

The attorneys were disciplined for petty theft, mishandling clients’ money and performing loan modifications without proper licensing. The disciplinary action was posted by the state bar between Sept. 1-7.

Also disbarred was Irvine attorney Kent Easter, who was convicted of planting drugs in the car of a PTA volunteer.

The four attorneys who were disbarred include:

Irvine-resident Bruce Howard Haglund, license number 92683, was disbarred July 23, 2017, after he stipulated to having been involved in a fraudulent bank investment scheme that raised more than $11 million from investors.

According to the state bar: Haglund, 66, served as the escrow attorney for a trust account in one of the schemes. Haglund deposited more than $6 million from investors into his client trust account, and instead of holding the money until high-yield securities could be purchased – as promised to the investors – he wired the money out of the account to himself and his partners in the scheme.

A federal district court ordered Haglund and his partners to disgorge $6.7 million. Haglund was additionally ordered to pay a civil penalty in the amount of $6.7 million. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the decision. Haglund, the bar noted, practiced law since 1980 with no prior record of discipline.

Placentia resident David Allen Hiersekorn, license number 237471, was disbarred July 26, 2017, and ordered to notify his clients of the discipline and make restitution. The state bar found Hiersekorn, 48, had misappropriated more than $210,000 from a living trust he was hired to oversee. The state bar said Hiersekorn failed to participate in its prosecution of the matter.

Corona del Mar resident Michael Lee Goolsby, license number 159660, was disbarred July 23, 2017, after being charged with three counts of misconduct for failing to comply with two earlier disciplinary probations.

In the first of the earlier cases, Goolsby, 50, said he violated probation for misconduct that included the unauthorized practice of law in violation of another jurisdiction’s regulations and the collection of illegal fees. In the other case, he engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and collected an illegal fee. He violated his probation for failing to submit required reports to the State Bar, make restitution or successfully complete Ethics School.

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