A 59-year-old man clung to the side of a train going 99 miles per hour — for 15 …


A man in Germany clung to the side of a train speeding at nearly 100 miles per hour after realizing he left his luggage in it.

The man, who was not named, clung to the side of the train for nearly 15 miles until rail personnel noticed him and stopped the high-speed train, according to BBC.

German railway company Deutsche Bahn said the man jumped on the Intercity-Express train, already moving, once he noticed that his luggage was still inside.

He wedged himself between two carriages, standing on a small ledge and holding onto plastic “bellows,” according to The Local Germany.

The man held on for his life, with the train reaching speeds of 99 miles per hour. After 15 miles, the driver noticed the terrified 59-year-old man and stopped the train to bring him inside a carriage.

Police questioned the man once he arrived in Hanover, but have not yet filed any charges against him, according to the Straits Times.

Other people have made news lately after jumping onto moving trains.

In Indiana, an 11-year-old girl was playing on railroad tracks when she decided to jump on the ladder of a slow moving train, according to Fox31. The train dragged her down the track after her foot got caught.


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