‘A guy right behind me got hit in the face’

Jon Sochovka was jockeying to get as close to the stage as he could minutes before bullets started raining down.

“It was so crazy that we were pretty much fighting over a spot that was the worst spot to be in,” the 28-year-old Texan said. “We actually snuck our way up to the right center of the stage. I keep referring to it as the ‘Kill Zone.’ When I was fleeing, I took a look back and that’s where I saw all the bodies.

“A guy right behind me got hit in the face,” he said. “He fell immediately and everyone started screaming. Everyone hit the dirt and bullets kept flying. Bullets kept hitting everything around us … I kept hearing people getting hit beside us and around us and bullets bouncing off the ground right in front of us. Bullets kept ricocheting off the metal barricades.

“We were stepping over bodies of, dead or alive, I don’t know what,” he said. When bullets started flying again he ducked under the stage, where people were hiding behind a large concrete block. “I went and jumped on top of them and four or five more people came and jumped on top of me,” he said.

When the shaken pals finally met up and got back to their hotel room, they washed off the blood.

“I’m very thankful to be alive and really feel for the families of those that aren’t,” Sochovka said.

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