After 2016 homicide, Donny Herron’s family, friends raise reward money in pursui…

More than a year after he was shot to death in his Grandview home, family and friends of Donald “Donny” Ray Herron Jr. don’t want you to forget what happened to him.

They’ve increased a reward for information leading to an arrest or charges in the 2016 homicide case, and a family friend says they’re still raising money.

Authorities said last month that they’ve received just four tips since Herron was killed on June 6, 2016.

But the Grandview Police Department and the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline said in a recent news release that they continue to seek information from the public regarding Herron’s death. A close family friend recently said she added $500 to the existing reward for information leading to an arrest or the filing of charges in the case, bringing the total up to $2,500.

Haley Hancock, a Belton resident and a family friend of the Herrons, said she started a GoFundMe account and has been selling key chains and bracelets in Herron’s memory. The money goes toward the reward for cracking the case. A Facebook page she manages is called “We Are His Voice.”

“He was the best kid in the world,” Hancock said. “He was my favorite of my stepson’s friends. I have his picture up and his obituary, and it just bothers me, because you don’t hear much about it.”

Herron, who was 25, died last year after police said three people broke into his home in the…

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