"Ask Fran:" Bruce Weber's complaints after losing to KU miss the …

They are required to talk to reporters after games and sometimes these things are emotional, occasionally they are entertaining, and often they are mundane. But rarely are they this, whatever this was, Kansas State coach Bruce Weber still visibly angry, telling the world his junior guard Barry Brown messed up the final play and then going further off script from there.

“I’m really disappointed in some of the calls,” he said. “But we were all here last year, and same thing.”

Let’s be clear about four specific things. First: Kansas beat K-State 73-72 here on Saturday for a hundred reasons that have nothing to with calls by the referees.

Second: a few calls did seem strange, most notably a technical foul on K-State’s Cartier Diarra, who said he did not know what he did beyond congratulate a teammate for a blocked shot, and did not curse.

Third: K-State could have won with a stop on its last defensive possession, or a better shot on its last offensive possession, in which Weber ran the same play that didn’t work a year earlier, and which Kansas coach Bill Self told his players was coming.

Fourth: Complaining about officials is the ballad of the loser.


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