Aunt of missing 20-month-old twins seeks answers

The aunt of missing 20-month-old twins called on her sister to tell police the location of her missing children.

Chasi Thammeuangkhoun said she’s been estranged from her sister, Princess Walker, for a number of years, especially due to her relationship with Aaron Weddles.

“I’m sorry for turning her away when she needed my help,” she said. “I couldn’t bring her around because of the fact that she had that man in her life, and he was no good.”

Thammeuangkhoun said that after not speaking for nearly five years, she went to the San Joaquin County Jail Thursday with the hope she could visit with Walker. Walker turned down that request.

“I hope that she wakes up from all this and realizes that, you know, she’s a mother and she needs to let us know where all the children are at,” Thammeuangkhoun said. “We just want them safe, and I’m willing to help her if she lets me.”

The twins and their family were reported missing on Jan. 4. Police said the family was transient and possibly living out of a vehicle.

Five days later, officers found the family, including three children, in a white 2002 Suzuki XL7 on Trinity Parkway in northwest Stockton. However, the twins were not with the family.

Police arrested Walker and Weddles for felony child endangerment. Investigators said they were not cooperating.

“You have a set of parents who are uncooperative, gave conflicting statements and the dad basically telling our investigators when they asked him specifically, ‘Where are the twins?’ His response, ‘You’re the ones getting paid, do your job,'” said Joe Silva, public information officer with the Stockton Police Department.

Stockton police urge anyone with any piece of information to contact CrimeStoppers, where you can remain anonymous.

Rex Osborn, a former Manteca police officer of 31 years who’s worked dozens of missing persons cases, believes it will be the public that leads officers to the children.

“It will be because of an anonymous phone call to CrimeStoppers. It will be because someone has finally realized these children need to be with someone who can care for them properly.”


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