Autistic boy wants his stolen dirt bike back

Candace Starr had just moved her family to Omaha from New Hampshire, when someone stole something important to her son.

“His dirt bike is really important to him. It’s the one thing that gets him out in the summer and keeps him active,” Candace Starr said. “Someone decided to walk off with it.”

Starr said they were staying with a friend at the Garden Valley Trailer Court near North 16th and Storz Expressway when it disappeared mid-September.

Tre’von Byrnes, 8, said he cried when he found out someone took it from him.

“I’m really sad and my dirt bike means something,” Byrnes said.

It means something to Tre’von because his mother said it’s therapy for her son.

“He’s autistic and epileptic,” Starr said. “When he goes out and rides, he can concentrate on the one thing he is supposed to do otherwise his world going 50 mph all the time.”

Byrnes said he loves riding his dirt bike all day.


“What I like about it because it’s fun and I can be freedom,” Byrnes said, “And I like the wind blowing on my (gesturing face)”

Starr said it’s a 2002 bright yellow Suzuki 80 CC. She said they just want someone to spot it and call police or just return it.


“It’s his world,” Starr said.


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