Basketball, family one in the same to Bucks' Tony Snell

Tony Snell’s teammates break his heart a little every day. They just don’t know it.

He’s looking at them, ready to talk, ready to share, ready to just be in their presence. He is a man of few words but a conversation with him means he’s locked in, studying your body language and the expression in your eyes.

But they’re checked out.

“I go into the locker room and everybody’s got their head down on their phone the whole time,” said Snell. “I’m the only one who’s got my head up.

“It’s the saddest thing ever. Technology is the worst. Everybody walks like this (Snell staggers with his head down), not even paying attention. It’s the worst thing ever.”

Could you even imagine walking around the streets of Watts in Los Angeles as a young boy like that? Unaware? Unguarded? It’s unconscionable to Snell, but also, it’s rather disappointing.

What could be more interesting on that phone than what they’ve got right here? A dream job, a great life and the chance to go to battle for each other every single day?

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