BC High athletes take on cyclocross challenge

Riding a bike through the streets of Boston can be a challenge even for experienced cyclists. But the BC High cyclocross team is taking navigating obstacles on bikes to another level.

The Eagles, who took part in the Verge Northampton International Cyclocross Race on Saturday, are one of the only high school-sponsored teams on the East Coast, comprised of cyclists of varying skill levels but steady dedication to the craft.

“I want them to push themselves,” said the team’s coach, Matthew Aumiller, a Latin teacher at BC High.

Aumiller describes cyclocross as “cross-country races on bikes,” which are full of opportunities to move out of one’s comfort zone. Racers ride through two miles of mud, tree-lined trails and steep hills for multiple laps. If an obstacle pops up, riders are expected to quickly bail and carry their bike until it’s safe to resume riding.

But laying claim to victory wasn’t the biggest goal for the BC High squad. Friendship, stewardship and resourcefulness are just as important for Aumiller’s racers. After all, this isn’t your everyday high school sport.

“It’s a different type of sport for a different type of kid,” he said.

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