Buckley: Bullpen role best way for David Price to reboot image

The mere thought David Price could start a postseason game should horrify Red Sox fans.

The mere thought David Price could work out of the bullpen in the postseason . . . welllllll, that one actually has merit.

That we’re even having this discussion is because The Insufferable One pitched another simulated game yesterday, after which Red Sox manager John Farrell delivered a sort of State of the Price address in which he outlined some postseason pitching scenarios.

Barring any setbacks, could Price start a postseason game?

(If this was a 1950s horror movie there’d be a woman screaming in the background.)

“You’re looking at least one more sim game . . . at a minimum,” Manager John said. “It would be aggressive to bring him back as a starter right now.”

And nuts.

Where to begin?

There’s Price’s historically bad postseason record as a starter, which sits at 0-8 with a 5.74 ERA in nine assignments. One of those L’s was logged in Game 2 of last year’s Division Series against the Cleveland Indians. He lasted only 31⁄3 innings, allowing five runs.

There’s the fact he hasn’t pitched in a real game since July 22.

And there’s this: While the Red Sox say they have moved on from Price’s tough-guy verbal attack of NESN analyst Dennis Eckersley earlier this season, the reality is it hasn’t gone away at all.

Just yesterday, WEEI’s Rob Bradford dropped a podcast he did with Eckersley, with the Hall of Fame pitcher saying he was “humiliated” by the manner in which Price treated him.

“Ultimately this comes back to the dude doesn’t like me,” Eckersley said. “I get it. It’s cool. Let’s move on. . . . Why would I want to talk to him, you know? He’s not the first guy that doesn’t like me. I get it.”

Sure, everyone wants to move on. But you might remember how Price kept this story alive last month when he made the laugh-out-loud suggestion that Eckersley had gotten better — that is, less critical — since being aired out.

Said Eck in the Bradford podcast: “I’ve got to do my job. I can’t just be (giving) this flowery-type commentary. You just can’t.”

Now this is the part where you have every right to roll your eyes and state that yes, yes, a thousand times yes, it’s time to, you know, move on. But look at it this way: If Price gets a postseason start, whichever network airs the game surely will include the Eckersley controversy in its pregame show.

You how know every Sox-Yankees nationally…

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