CA lawmakers pass dozens of bills; awaiting Gov. Brown's approval

California lawmakers have passed dozens of bills so far this week. Now, they are sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk awaiting approval.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the bills passed:


California lawmakers have approved a “sanctuary state” bill that would limit police cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

The bill approved early Saturday is intended to bolster immigrant protections in the state that are already among the toughest in the nation.

It will now be considered by Brown, who announced his support after the top state Senate leader agreed to water down the bill and preserve authority for jail and prison officials to cooperate with immigration officers in many cases.

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California lawmakers voted early Saturday to set the state’s presidential primary in March, a move that would force candidates to mount expensive campaigns earlier in the state that awards the most delegates.

The bill will go to Brown for consideration. He has not said if he will sign it.

The bill would move the presidential primary to the Tuesday after the first Monday in March – three months earlier than the June contest held in 2016, when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were already the presumptive nominees.

Read more about this bill here.


California may also become the first state to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns to appear on the state ballot. Lawmakers sent Brown a bill Friday requiring candidates to publicly share five years of returns. He hasn’t said if he’ll sign it.

President Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns during the 2016 sparked similar legislation in dozens of states from New Jersey to Hawaii. The documents reveal income sources, tax exemptions, charitable donations and potential financial conflicts of interest. Until Trump, every major presidential candidates has released his or hers for decades.


The California Legislature has sent a package of bills aimed at addressing California’s growing affordable housing to Democrat Brown, who plans to sign it.

A deal passed by lawmakers Friday includes a $4 billion bond for housing projects, a $75 fee on real estate transaction documents to fund subsidized housing and streamlined regulations that create hurdles for developers looking to build low-cost housing.


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