California mudslide death toll rises to 19

The death toll in the Montecito, California, mudslides has risen by one to 19 and the number of remaining missing has decreased to five.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says the body of missing 25-year-old Morgan Christine Corey woman was found Saturday. Her 12-year-old sister, Sawyer Corey, was found dead earlier.

The difficult search continues days after storm-spawned mudslides roared down fire-stripped hillsides and smashed through dozens of homes.

The army of search-and-rescue crews and recovery workers swelled to more than 2,100 on Saturday in the coastal enclave about 90 mile northwest of Los Angeles.

Crews are using backhoes, jackhammers and shovels to look for victims and clear roads.

Officials say there could be changes in the assessments that report 65 single-family homes and eight businesses destroyed and 462 homes and 20 businesses damaged.

Much of the community remains under mandatory evacuation orders.


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