Capitol Watch: Governor to unveil state budget plan

In this week’s New York state government news, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is poised to unveil his state budget proposal, a spending plan that is likely to call for big changes to state taxes in response to the federal tax overhaul.

Meanwhile, relatives of people who died following long and in many cases painful terminal illnesses are back at the state Capitol to again lobby lawmakers to pass a law authorizing physician-assisted death.

A look at stories making news:


The Democratic governor will release the roughly $150 million spending plan Tuesday. He and lawmakers hope to pass a budget by April 1, and they’ll have no shortage of tough decisions.

The state faces a projected $4 billion budget deficit thanks in part to weaker than expected tax returns. Recent decisions by Washington Republicans to reduce spending on some health care programs will cost the state another $2 billion in lost revenue.

Then there are taxes, a politically charged topic in any year, let alone in an election year for Cuomo and every lawmaker. Cuomo has floated the idea of big changes to the state’s tax code, including a new tax on certain investment income and a payroll tax, which could be…

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