Cops seek new leads after 3 suspects let go

The three men taken into custody following a shooting on Boston Common Tuesday were released after questioning, authorities said.

Police said they questioned multiple people Tuesday night and the investigation is active. No arrests have yet been made and police would not disclose a potential motive for the shooting due to the ongoing investigation.

However, police said they have several leads provided by numerous cooperative witnesses.

Tuesday night cops chased down three men seen by witnesses fleeing from the scene. Two were on mopeds and another ran into the Park Street MBTA stop where they were taken by police for questioning as “persons of interest.” They were later released.

Police recovered a gun near the Parkman Bandstand where the shooting 

It’s the second time in two months a case of violence on the Common resulted in detentions followed quickly by releases. In July, two men were stabbed near the fountain on the Common and police quickly arrested three men. But those men were also later released and a stabbing victim in the case was charged with a separate assault.

Defense lawyer David Duncan, who’s not involved in either case, said police are allowed to hold people based on a reasonable suspicion, but once that suspicion has been satisfied they are required to either charge or release them.

“Reasonable suspicion is an even lower standard than probable cause. You can make a stop and inquiry based on reasonable suspicion, but only long enough to determine if it’s reasonable or not,” Duncan said. “It’s not like there’s a clock running.”

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