Couple married in Vegas Friday ran from massacre

Jackie and Jerry Fabiszewski, of North Hills, were on one of the first flights to Pittsburgh from Las Vegas on Monday.

The couple arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport on a Southwest Airlines flight just before 5 p.m. and recounted the horror they witnessed the night before on the Las Vegas Strip.

They were staying at a hotel across the street from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where the Las Vegas shooter fired down on the concert area.

“It was just mobs of people running different directions, a lot of chaos,” Fabiszewski said.

He and his wife were just married Friday, two nights before they would find themselves running in fear throughout their hotel, which was locked down.

“People were barricading themselves in. We almost got into that type of thing but I thought it was a bad idea. There was no way. I’d rather have a fighting chance. I just opened the door and we left,” said Fabiszewski.

He and his wife hailed a taxi and ended up inside with a young couple who had run away from the concert venue after witnessing the shooting up close.

They said the young woman was incredibly emotional.

“She was flipping out. So she laid on my wife’s lap and my wife was comforting her and she said, ‘There’s dead people everywhere.’ They ran from the concert, maybe a quarter mile or something, to where we were,” said Fabiszewski.

The two couples took the cab to another hotel far away from the scene of the violence, where they both checked in and spent the night.

“Most people will never experience something like that in their entire life. So it was just surreal, you know? She will never get over that, ever. I felt so awful for her just to be so young and so terrified and it’s obviously scarring you for life. She literally didn’t want to get out of the cab. She couldn’t sit up. Seeing what we saw was terrifying and we weren’t even at the concert. You know what I mean? So it was awful. It was awful,” said Fabiszewski.

Several other Western Pennsylvania natives were on the plane spoke of harrowing experiences on the Vegas Strip on Sunday night.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. When they shut the Strip down, there was nobody on the Strip. Vegas is always live and there was nobody on the Strip,” said Eric Freeman, of Canonsburg.


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