Dog walks 20 miles twice to find family that moved, couldn't keep her

A dog lived with her family in Seminole County, Oklahoma until her owners moved and weren’t able to keep her.

So the dog, named Cathleen, went to a home in Prague until the animal shelter could find a new owner. Cathleen, however, missed her family.

She walked from Prague to Seminole, a 20-mile trip, looking for her family. Cathleen missed her family so much that she made the trek twice.

“She’s very sweet; very calm and docile,” reserve animal control officer Lynzi Thompson said. “Friendly. She wants to be everyone’s friend. She’s a love bug. Give her a chance. She may seem shy at first but will open up to you, definitely.”

Cathleen’s adoption fee is $25. She’s available for adoption through the Seminole Humane Society and adoption applications can be found here.


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