Don’t be fooled by conservative group’s Kansas tax-cut fliers

Americans for Prosperity, the anti-tax, Koch Brothers-funded political group, is carpet-bombing Kansas mailboxes with campaign-style fliers to discredit lawmakers who voted for tax increases this year.

Both political parties are being targeted.

But the conservative organization has it wrong. The lawmakers in their sights — about 60 across the state — are heroes. They should be honored for having the political fortitude to do the right thing.

In fact, there’s a distinguished honor for such boldness. It’s the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. Each of the 115 senators and representatives who voted in June to override Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of a tax plan aimed at raising more than $1.2 billion is deserving.

Americans for Prosperity, though, sees things as Brownback does: Any tax increase is evil. Any tax increase will drive away small businesses. “Melissa Rooker’s $1.2 Billion Retroactive Tax Hike Left Real Kansans To Pay the Price,” proclaims one AFP flier about the House Republican from Fairway. Says another, “Rooker used this tax increase to fund the state’s largest budget.”

This is misleading malarkey.

Rooker and her colleagues did the right thing. One of those is House Speaker Ron Rychman, a conservative Olathe Republican who resisted tax increases for much of the 2017 session before recognizing that the state had little choice but to do otherwise.

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