ESPN won’t broadcast national anthem before Monday’s Chiefs game

Before 2009, all prime-time NFL games had one difference from Sunday afternoon contests: teams stayed in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem, then ran out for player introductions.

That changed so that each NFL game had the same pregame schedule. Of course, that means the Chiefs players will be on the sideline for Monday night’s game at Arrowhead Stadium against Washington.

But if you are wondering if there will be any player protests during the playing of the national anthem, you won’t know unless you’re at Arrowhead Stadium. That’s because ESPN won’t show the national anthem for Monday’s game, a network spokesman told The Sporting News.

According to The Sporting News, NBC and CBS showed the playing of the national anthem before games Sunday, but Fox only showed the anthem before the Dolphins-Saints contest in London, but not the games in the U.S.

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