Fans can give up on the Royals season, but the players won’t

For the past month I haven’t been able to go 10 feet without being asked if the Royals were done. The team would suffer some seemingly catastrophic loss and people would ask: “That’s it…the Royals are done, right?”

People wanted to know if they could stop caring about the Royals and move on to other interests, but the Royals don’t have that option.

Fans can give up early, but the players won’t.

Whatever fans or members of the media think about the Royals chances of making it to the postseason, the players have to keep playing and as long as they’re still playing games, players want to win.

Because big league ballplayers are some of the most competitive people on earth.

These guys are not in the business of being embarrassed

Back in 2016, the year after the Royals won the World Series, the team did not get off to a great start. Social media is great for speculation and theories and one of the theories being floated about the 2016 Royals was, now that they had their rings, the players no longer cared.

When that theory was presented to Royals coach Rusty Kuntz, he disagreed and disagreed vehemently.

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