First test track planned for Hyperloop-inspired, super-speed transportation syst…

Colorado might get the jump on Missouri for a futuristic, high-speed transportation system.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is working with Los Angeles startup Arrivo to test a Hyperloop-inspired pod-mover system that could cut travel time between Denver and Boulder to just eight minutes, the Denver Post reports.

Missouri has been seen as a top contender for testing a different kind of high-speed transport that could cut the trip from Kansas City to St. Louis to 31 minutes.

Colorado and Arrivo plan to build a half-mile section of dedicated roadway alongside the E-470 tollway near Denver International Airport. Electronics and magnets in the roadway would propel pods that could contain people or freight at 200 mph.

“Our focus is on ending traffic,” Arrivo co-founder Brogan BamBrogan told the Post.

“The congestion in Colorado is only getting worse,” said Shailen Bhatt, director of the state’s Department of Transportation.

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