Granger crosses teachers’ unions on school supplies tax break

Fort Worth Rep. Kay Granger wants a reputation as a big supporter of education, tweeting Tuesday that she is “committed to ensuring that teachers have the resources they need.”

But Granger, a former high school English teacher, is crossing local teachers unions on one of the issues they most passionately oppose — a provision in the Republican tax plans that would end the $250 deduction teachers can get when they buy their own school supplies.

Teachers associations in Texas have protested that change loudly, saying it helps educators provide supplies for students who can’t afford them.

“Congress historically has recognized the amount of money teachers spend out of pocket for supplies. That’s why the tax credit is there in the first place,” said Stephen Poole, executive director of the Fort Worth-based United Educators Association.

“Without that tax credit, it’s just another burden on teachers,” said Poole.

Granger countered that the average American’s tax break under the GOP’s tax plan will more than offset the $250 deduction.

The House is expected to vote on the tax plan Thursday.

“As a former teacher, I want to do everything possible to help educators,” she said in a statement. House Republicans’ plan “would…

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