Has Alex Gordon turned things around? Here’s why you should care.

In the third inning of Saturday’s game against the Indians, Alex Gordon hit a home run.

It’s my guess that a whole bunch of Kansas City sports fans have tuned out the Royals and started caring about the Chiefs, so in a game the Royals lost by four runs, Alex Gordon hitting a homer does not qualify as stop-the-presses news.

But if you plan on cheering for the Royals next season and the season after that — the duration of Gordon’s contract —that home run is worth noting.

Gordon hit his fifth home run of the season on July 3 and did not hit his sixth home run until September 9; that’s 55 games and 170 at bats between home runs and in that stretch Gordon also batted .212 and slugged .282.

Now, seven games and 25 at bats after his sixth home run, Gordon hit his seventh; in that stretch Gordon hit .280 and slugged .480.

Are those numbers meaningful?

The problem with having 443 at bats is it’s hard to move the needle by having a good week or a good two weeks or even a good month, so once a player gets enough trips to the plate it’s easy to miss hot and cold streaks.

Gordon’s overall numbers are still bad — he’s hit .208 and slugged .307 on the season — but over the past 14 days those numbers are .298 and .511; over the past 28 days those numbers are .257…

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