He was a cop, but he’s now in Lady Gaga’s band and is playing two shows in KC

Jonny Goood will perform twice in Kansas City this week. His first gig is Tuesday night, Nov. 14, at the RecordBar, where he will front his band Jonny Goood and the Triple Os. Wednesday night, he will be on stage at the Sprint Center, playing bass for Lady Gaga.

Goood, born Jon Drummond in Pittsburgh, Pa., came to music relatively late, after an injury ended his sports career and after deciding that he wanted to be a musician more than he wanted to be a police officer.

He talked to The Star recently about his childhood friend, rapper Wiz Khalifa, about his rapid rise in the music industry, about performing with Lady Gaga and about his sister, a Kansas City resident, who will join him on stage at the RecordBar, along with fellow members of Lady Gaga’s band.

Let’s start off with the Gaga tour. What has it been like and what can fans expect to see?

It’s incredible. She is a ball of energy. We’ve never let anyone down so far on this tour. She touches the crowd. She believes you treat an arena like a dive bar and a dive bar like an arena. And you’ll see that. You’ll see her by herself, at the piano, just like she did when she first started.

It’s really organic. Not so rehearsed that it looks like a bunch of robots on stage. The dancers are amazing. I get to dance with her a couple of times. It has been a blast. She’s a rare gem in the music industry. Very genuine.

How has it been for…

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