He was fighting Nazis in Europe. She was a child. Now, an item brought them toge…

In the heat of World War II, Charles Bernhardt was fighting to free the Netherlands from Nazi Germany. At that same time, Bernadine Smith was just a child, living in her family’s farmhouse that had been occupied by Nazi soldiers for five years until Allied forces arrived.

The two briefly crossed paths back then. And now, over seven decades later, Bernhardt and Smith’s family have been brought back together.

It’s all thanks to a bracelet, engraved with Bernhardt’s name and regimental number, according to Global News.

In 1944, Bernhardt first received the bracelet from a romantic interest in London.

Bernhardt, a Canadian, sold it at a farmhouse when fighting alongside Allied forces to end Nazi Germany’s occupation of the Netherlands, according to KVAL13.

But it wasn’t just any farmhouse — it was the residence of Smith and her family.

“We stopped there and they had some eggs, I had no money, but I felt I should give her something,” he said to Global News. So he gave them his bracelet in exchange.

After all those years, and moving to an entirely different continent, Smith never let go of that engraved object.

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