Her house had no heat, decaying furniture and 52 dogs — all coated in poop, poli…

As police officers approached the home of Darleen Chick Thursday to check on the 66-year-old’s welfare, officers said they smelled “an odor of urine and feces” at a distance of about 20 feet.

As they got closer, the smell was allegedly so pungent that an officer “coughed a couple of times and tears came to her eyes,” according to a criminal complaint obtained by Fox6.

Inside the Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, home was an even more grisly scene, police said: 52 dogs and puppies living in a house with no heat on, decaying furniture and damaged walls — with the pups “coated in fecal matter,” the Kenosha News reported.

“Every square inch of everything appeared to be covered in a film of fecal matter,” the criminal complaint said, according to Fox6. “The stench was overwhelming and it was difficult to breathe normally.”

Officers said they checked on Chick’s house Thursday after receiving a call from a woman who said she helped Chick catch a loose dog, according to the Kenosha News. She was concerned by how many dogs the 66-year-old said she had in her house and the appearance of the one she helped catch, the News reported.

Authorities had to don protective suits during their search. They discovered 52 dogs and puppies living in the house, TMJ4 reported. Chick, who told police she has a kennel license, said that she “did not care what was going on in the world” after her husband died seven years ago, according to TMJ4.

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