Hitting ’em where Big Papi ain’t


For the first time since the 1999 ALCS, the Red Sox this fall will enter the playoffs without David Ortiz in their lineup. Big Papi appeared in 14 playoff series and 76 playoff games covering 340 plate appearances. Given his tendency to come up big the bigger the occasion, he sits atop most of the career postseason offense lists for the Red Sox.

Nevertheless, there remain exactly a half-dozen Red Sox postseason offensive categories in which Ortiz’ name does not appear. Of course, none of these leaders are still around so it remains to be seen how the Sox will fill the Papi void, but here’s a look at the six categories in which Ortiz does not figure (minimum 50 plate appearances):



Jose Offerman 1.091

Carl Yastrzemski 1.047

John Valentin 1.046

Nomar Garciaparra 1.016

Jason Bay 1.003


Slugging pct.

John Valentin .639

Nomar Garciaparra .625

Carl Yastrzemski .600

Jose Offerman .571

Kevin Youkilis .568



Jose Offerman .520

Spike Owen .460

Jason Bay .452

Carl Yastrzemski .447

Manny Ramirez .422


Batting average

Jose Offerman .429

Carl Yastrzemski .369

Spike Owen .366

John Valentin .347

Mike Stanley .340



Buck Freeman 3

Freddy Parent 3

Tris Speaker 3

Chick Stahl 3


Stolen bases

Jacoby Ellsbury 11

Johnny Damon 8


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