How the Apple iPhone X Compares to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8


When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone last month, it was widely considered to be one of the most impressive phones ever. But with Apple since announcing the iPhone X, is that still the case?

Prospective smartphone buyers are now wondering whether the iPhone X or Samsung’s latest alternative, the Galaxy Note 8, is better. Although some may choose an Apple device merely because they’re Apple fans—and visa versa for Samsung fans—not everyone is so willing to buy whatever their favored company offers.

So, for those people and others who want to know which device is most appealing, Fortune has compiled the following comparison of what’s good and bad in both new smartphones.


Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s SSNLF Galaxy Note 8 comes with a thin design featuring a curved screen that nearly covers its face. Eliminating the thick borders leaves no room for a home button, so Samsung moved its fingerprint sensor to the back of the device next to its rear-facing cameras. Overall, the Galaxy Note 8 has a sleek design, but because of all of the exposed glass, consider using a case to keep it from being scratched or broken.

iPhone X

Apple’s AAPL iPhone X similarly comes with a screen that nearly covers its face, but it has ditched the fingerprint sensor altogether. There’s no curved display here, and there’s a notch at the top of the screen that houses the earpiece and front-facing camera, among other sensors. Apple’s iPhone X is made of glass and stainless steel. Like the Galaxy Note 8, it’s a good idea to keep the iPhone X in a protective case.


iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X has an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, making it the first Apple handset to do so. The screen is 5.8 inches and bundles 458 pixels per inch to deliver high-end visuals.

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 display is a whopping 6.3 inches and similarly runs on OLED technology. According to Samsung, its “Infinity Display” has 521 pixels per inch and a higher resolution than the iPhone X’s display, which should translate to slightly better picture quality in Samsung’s device.


Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung smartphone to come with dual rear-facing cameras. Both lenses have a 12-megapixel resolution and come with telephoto and wide-angle views to allow for more depth in pictures. They also come with strong performance in low-light conditions. Samsung’s 8-megapixel front-facing camera also has a wide…


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