Huntington Beach gymnast has people flipping over his device to improve performa…

First there was the 2016 Summer Olympics and the success of such hometown heroes as gymnast Sam Mikulak. Then there was a summer tech camp and time to play around with Arduino circuit boards, because, really, who doesn’t do that?

There was the information about coaches using sound to train swimmers. And the data about how NASA’s Cassini mission study of the rings of Saturn was turned into sound.

Somehow, 13-year-old Spencer Green combined all those disparate things to come up with an idea: to measure the g-forces generated by gymnasts on the high bar. And that led to the youngster’s invention of a device that would measure gymnastic movements and provide instant audio feedback on whether they were being done correctly.

And THAT was good enough to earn the Pegasus School student and gymnast second place in the engineering category of a national STEM competition and third place in the 66th annual California State Science Fair.  His project was called “Sonfication Accelerometers for the Training of Elite Gymnasts.”

In basic terms, Green, from Huntington Beach, invented a device gymnasts can wear that uses sound to help them improve their technique in certain disciplines, such as the high bar.

Asked to explain it, Green excitedly launches into a…

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