Hyperloop One announces its American finalists for rapid transit system


Hyperloop One, which had claimed it could build a futuristic mode of travel to zoom people from Kansas City to St. Louis in about 20 minutes, announced four U.S. route finalists Thursday.

The cross-state route in Missouri, which might have included a stop in Columbia, is not among the finalists of the Hyperloop One “Global Challenge.” The challenge entreated proposals from individuals, governments, universities and companies from around the world.

Of the 10 winning routes, four are in the U.S., two in India, two in the U.K., one in Mexico and one in Canada.

Tom Blair, an engineer with the Missouri Department of Transportation, had expressed hope this spring that Hyperloop One — which aims to hone electric propulsion technology to blast people at rapid speeds along a tubular track — would develop in Missouri. Blair called the prospect a potential game-changer for the state’s economy.

Hyperloop One announced it selected its finalists based on proposals that included “well-defined routes and implementation strategies, key stakeholder involvement from public and private sectors, compelling business cases and innovative and creative applications of a Hyperloop system.”

The six winning North American routes are:

▪ Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh


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