Ira Winderman: Heat record not as pristine in the 'Shadow NBA'

Consider it the Shadow NBA, where rulings are made that could turn the standings upside down, but where the corrections never actually are set in motion.

Such is life with the NBA Officiating Last Two Minute Reports.

To put the non-impact into perspective, consider that if the corrected calls actually had been made in the first place, the Heat very well could be standing at 21-20 at this midpoint of their schedule, instead of seven games above .500.

To wit:

– In the Heat’s 90-89 Dec. 20 road victory over the Boston Celtics, the NBA’s after-the-fact report ruled that Josh Richardson had actually tugged on Kyrie Irving’s jersey when Irving missed the short jumper that would have given Boston the victory.

That report read: “(Observable in enhanced video) Using slow motion/freeze frame from the LO SLA and LATR angles, Richardson (MIA) does not just brush Irving’s (BOS) untucked jersey, but briefly grasps it as he attempts the shot.” Yes, slow-motion, free-frame, with two remote cameras called into play.

– In the Heat’s 107-103 Jan. 5 victory over the visiting New York Knicks, the league ruled that Richardson fouled Courtney Lee on his 3-point attempt with 2.1 seconds…

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