'It’s not close': This NYC official sided with Chicago in the pizza de…

What happens when the press secretary for the mayor of New York City admits his love for Chicago-style pizza?

People take notice.

Over the weekend, Eric Phillips tweeted a photo from Chicago’s Pequod’s Pizza. “This is the best pizza in the United States and it’s not close,” he wrote.

The tweet was picked up by press in both cities.

The New York Post called Phillips “a seemingly clueless Midwest native” and interviewed a disgusted New York pizza tour guide (which is an actual job).

“Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and it’s rare that an opinion can be wrong — but this is one of those rare cases,” tour guide Scott Wiener told the Post.

The Chicago Sun-Times interviewed Phillips, who pulled no punches about his pizza loyalties.

“Like Chicagoans, New Yorkers appreciate honesty and authenticity,” Phillips said in an email to the Sun-Times. “We don’t like phonies, so I try not to be one.”

According to the Sun-Times, Phillips said he eats a lot of New York pizza. “I’ve lived in NYC for 12+ years. The flat, foldable, salt-less pizza is fine,”…

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