K-State groups condemn white nationalist posters on campus and plan to rally ton…

Fliers with racist and white nationalist themes were posted around the K-State campus on Wednesday in Manhattan.

Images of the posters showed up on Twitter before university officials released a statement saying the messages on the fliers were “unwelcome.”

One flier, referencing Muslim immigrants, reportedly read, “How many is too many?

Another showed a picture of a white family with this message: “Why are we told Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, white countries for everyone. Diversity means less white people. We have a right to exist.”

“Why are you attacking someone that’s a different color than you or a different background than you?” senior Jonathan Cole told KSNT in Topeka.

In a statement to The Collegian, the school’s student newspaper, university officials said the “messages posted on Wednesday, Sept. 13, do not reflect the values of Kansas State University and are unwelcome.”

School officials told KSNT the fliers were removed because they were posted where posters are not allowed and because whoever placed them did not go through proper channels.

The school would have…

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