Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s mother called him a ‘bad boy’, neighbor says

The mother of Stephen Paddock, the gunman accused of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, once described him to a North Texas neighbor as a “bad boy,” the neighbor said in an interview Monday.

Paddock, 64, who killed himself in a standoff with Las Vegas police after shooting dozens of people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas, lived and worked in North Texas as recently as 2010.

He recorded three residences in Mesquite, all in the same vicinity — 317 Keswick Lane, 105 Clear Lake Lane and 4804 Via Ventura, where he’s listed as the owner and manager of the Mesquite Central Park Apartments.

Paddock’s mother lived in the home he owned on Clear Lake, neighbors said. They said Paddock and his brother checked in on her from time to time but rarely had interactions with other residents.

“He wasn’t very sociable,” said Jorge Juertes, who lives next door to the home where Paddock’s mother lived and met him once. “She [his mother] said he’s a bad boy.”

Maria Alameida, who lives two doors down, said Paddock and his brother moved their mother into the home in 2004. His brother moved her to Florida several years ago, loading up her belongings in an RV, Alameida and Juertes said.

“We’d always have parties and now I’m thinking about how we could have made him mad,” Alameida said. “He’s crazy.”

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