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Cause of strife?

A Sept. 27 letter writer ascribed our current racial protest issues to President Barack Obama. (14A) I would like an explanation of how this president — who never taunted people or nations on Twitter, was diplomatic, tactful and socially acceptable — caused all of this. Was it because of the color of his skin?

And, on another topic, unless he is going to pitch in and do some hard labor for several days, which is highly unlikely, I suggest that President Donald Trump skip his trip to Puerto Rico and send instead the amount of federal money the trip would have cost.

Ruth Fine


Teach or play

Congratulations to Entertainment University, formerly known as the University of Kansas.

We understand that young minds cannot get an adequate education at your school without the very best sports facilities and hopefully teams to match. I’m not sure your $350 million investment will meet the criteria of the educational institutions of today, but it’s a start. (Sept. 23, 1B, “KU’s costly vision comes with less obvious price: more pressure to produce”)

I’m sure this investment will…


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