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Burns & Mac thanks

From across the state line in Shawnee, I want to say thank you to Burns & McDonnell for showing the voters that an airport could be built without adding to the tax burden of the people of Kansas City. The voters never would have approved a new airport if it had required additional taxes to fund the project.

Personally, I am sorry Burns & McDonnell did not get the contract to build the airport, but it deserves credit for showing the residents of Kansas City what was possible.

Judy Root


Royal lineage?

President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both trace their ancestry to John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. John’s father was King Edward III. The War of the Roses was fought over which descendant should be king and ended with the defeat of Richard III.

Richard III was married to Anne Neville, and one of her descendants was Sir Henry Neville, who I believe evidence shows could be the real author of the works of William Shakespeare. Neville credited his writing as Shakespeare to honor his family, having been related through Shakespeare’s mother.


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