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Airport roadblocks

What a mess. The process called for by The Star to choose a firm to design and build a new Kansas City International Airport terminal has resulted in:

a) eliminating the hometown favorite in favor of an out-of-town firm because of a dispute over whether there are enough guarantees over Kansas City’s debt not being subordinated;

b) selection of a vendor with no airport design, only vaporware, and as a result:

c) a mythical savings of $300 million.

Are we supposed to take any of this seriously?

It appears the real battle is about to begin, and it will be up to the City Council to bring sanity to it. I doubt that is possible with people such as Teresa Loar and Katheryn Shields making this decision.

When Burns & McDonnell took the risk to bring forward a viable private-financing solution, it was met with derision by The Star, Loar, Shields and others. This cabal seems to be doing everything possible to sabotage much-needed change at KCI. In Johnson County, we would have already had the groundbreaking ceremony.

With Burns & McDonnell, the airport terminal passes. Without, the cabal wins.

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