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Hot meal delivery

I was appalled reading in The Star on Wednesday about the substitution of frozen meals for hot lunches delivered every day to needy Kansas City recipients. (1A, “Hot meals, daily contact for shut-ins being replaced”)

My wife, grandchildren and I all volunteered to deliver hot lunches to homebound recipients for many years, and we have seen the need.

Volunteers and recipients alike gain from daily contact and interaction. That may be the only person a shut-in sees that day.

Many recipients we have seen cannot safely operate a stove or microwave. Frozen meals are not the answer.

The bureaucrat who came up with this cost-cutting measure obviously has never delivered hot meals to any recipient, much less considered the humanitarian and social consequences — not to mention the insensitivity of dropping frozen five-packs of meals on the porches of those in need.

The frozen-meals idea must be revisited.

David Fulk

Overland Park

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