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Gun dangers

John R. Lott Jr., the NRA’s favorite researcher, tells Kansans not to worry about the new law allowing guns on campuses. (Sept. 13, 15A, “Don’t panic about guns on college campuses”)

This is the same guy whose notorious “more guns, less crime” thesis was discredited by a host of respected researchers for its deeply flawed methodology and conclusions. Among debunkers were the Stanford Law Review, the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, and the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.

Lott again produced misleading information in his Star commentary. He wrote that gun-control advocates have been “unable to point to any actual catastrophes” associated with campus carry.

Let us point again to Northern Arizona University, where in 2015 a student shot four classmates with a gun retrieved from his car.

Or the K-State student who accidentally shot himself with a gun illegally brought on campus earlier this year. Or the Wichita State student shot to death in a dormitory parking lot in 2015.

These are highly relevant, even though they happened before campus carry was implemented.

The month after Texas campus carry took effect in 2016, a student accidentally fired a gun inside a dormitory.

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