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Deeds, not words

My heart goes out to the victims and the families of those killed in Las Vegas, Lawrence and Kansas City this past week. They need our prayers and support, but more than anything, they need action.

We will be hearing these code words. “Now is not the time to bring up gun control.” “What should Congress do to prevent these acts?” “We need to focus on providing support for the victims and their families.”

This does nothing and lets things blow over so we don’t have to do anything, and nothing changes.

This is wrong. In order to support the victims and their families, we need to get our politicians to act.

When someone dies of disease, the obituary will frequently request donations to fight that illness. There is nothing wrong with asking people to act to prevent death and violence.

Tell our leaders to stop using code words. The best way to support the victims and families is to act. Otherwise, your thoughts and prayers are meaningless.

Stephen Williamson

Kansas City

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