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Vote, everyone

I believe voting is not only a right but a privilege and the duty of every eligible citizen. I’m appalled that only about 23,000 people bothered to vote in the recent Overland Park election. There’s no excuse for that.

You can vote early or mail in a ballot. You can, with a small effort, vote in person at a polling place during convenient hours.

I’m sure residents who didn’t vote Tuesday would be up in arms if the city said, “It’s too expensive to vote on this, so let’s just do it our way.”

This election was important. The mayor and council members, as well as many others on the ballot, have a lot of control in our city. If you want them to hear your opinions, elect people who listen.

Some folks get upset at the idea of voter ID requirements and so on, but what do they matter if no one cares enough to vote anyway?

If you don’t use an arm or a leg, it atrophies and becomes useless. If you don’t vote, the same thing could happen to that privilege.

Lesley J. Sifers

Overland Park

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