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Win by helping

On Thursday, President Donald Trump balked at an emerging bipartisan deal on immigration because he didn’t want to admit people to the U.S. from “shithole” countries. (Jan. 12, 1A, “Trump’s insulting words on immigration set off alarms”)

He asked, “Why do we need more Haitians?” when we could have people from Norway. He particularly objected to the diversity visa lottery.

Mr. President, are you aware that medical teams from Haiti deployed to Puerto Rico to provide health care for Americans who were affected by Hurricane Maria? Are you aware that your response to Hurricane Maria was so inadequate that people from Haiti came to the U.S. to provide the support that your administration did not provide?

I have spent years in Haiti providing health care as a physician in disaster response and with the U.S. Army, from which I retired as a colonel. I have learned to respect the Haitian people and all they have accomplished despite adversity.

Mr. President, I have read that you don’t associate with people who aren’t winners, and I suppose you wouldn’t characterize the people of Haiti as winners.

Sir, I can assure you that I would…

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