London Fashion Week: Burberry brings back vintage check

LONDON — Unfazed by the London subway attack, celebrities, models and fashion editors flocked to London Fashion Week on Saturday to celebrate all things stylish.

Designers showcasing their latest visions included luxury heritage brand Burberry, fashion week veteran Jasper Conran and rising star Simone Rocha.


Remember the Burberry check, so ubiquitous and widely copied in the early 2000s that it became a fashion faux pas? It’s back this season, in a big way.

The vintage brown check is everywhere on Burberry’s new season runway: on baseball caps, oversized tote bags and belted coats for both men and women. And that’s just one of many themes designer Christopher Bailey featured this season. There’s tartan, reimagined military coats and riding shirts, plastic outerwear, sheer embroidered dresses, plus cosy pink faux fur coats.

If that sounds like a lot, it was deliberately meant to be so. Bailey said he wanted to celebrate the “sheer glorious eccentricity of the British way of dressing,” and delivered an unexpectedly sassy, street-wise mix of a collection in an 18th-century London courthouse, a fitting venue with its raw exposed walls and huge chandeliers.

The opening look had it all: Brown check baseball cap, pastel turquoise plastic raincoat, patchwork print knits, worn with a single huge earring.

Everything was worn with an air of “anything goes” insouciance — a delicate embroidered gown is paired with a loose T-shirt or slouchy scarf — and there is a throwaway sexiness in a tartan skirt that, when the model turns around, reveals the back was sheer plastic. Bailey said he had his models tell him if they liked the outfits, and adjust them if they felt they were “too done or too sophisticated.”

Supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were among those who turned up for the show, which was staged together with — and inspired by — an exhibition of 20th-century photography showing portraits of British life.



Guests attending Burberry’s catwalk show have found their usual red carpet welcome replaced by heckling protesters.

Several dozen animal rights activists made a loud racket Saturday outside the luxury brand’s show venue in London’s Clerkenwell area, crowding around the entrance and shouting “Shame on London Fashion Week!”

Some held devices showing animal cruelty videos and others held placards reading “Fur is passé.”

Police and security guards ended up forming two human…

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