Mayor Pro Tem’s wife bounced from construction firm PR job after vote against Ed…

It was either political payback or a prudent business decision.

On the morning of Dec. 15, Laura Ray Wagner got a phone call from Bill Clarkson, Jr., head of Clarkson Construction and a partner with Edgemoor, the developer struggling to win the contract for construction of the new single terminal at KCI.

Wagner, a marketing and public relations consultant, had spent the last several years on retainer for Clarkson, a politically connected, family-owned company. She handled communications on various big Clarkson ventures, including the Johnson County Gateway road project and the Christopher S. Bond Bridge.

That all ended with the phone call.

A day earlier, her husband, Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner, had voted to reject a proposed agreement with Edgemoor. Wagner was part of a council supermajority that found the memorandum of understanding lacking on multiple fronts.

“He wasn’t happy with me after my husband voted no on the MOU (memorandum of understanding),” she said. “He said he was sorry but that he couldn’t do business with me, considering everything. “He told me he was sorry but he was just mad.”

Clarkson said Wednesday evening that her dismissal had…

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