Missouri sheriff ‘rants’ about giving to panhandlers and sparks an emotional deb…

A Missouri sheriff’s Facebook “rant” about panhandlers has sparked a viral debate about whether people should give to panhandlers.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott wants people to stop doing it. He made that plea on Facebook Sunday after he saw blankets, clothing and food littering a Springfield street corner while running errands.

He assumed a panhandler had left them there.

He took two photos of the mess and posted them to Facebook along with a plea to the public.

“Springfield I know you are generous,” he wrote. “However when you give nice coats, food and pack a bag with gloves, sweatshirts etc, after they have enough cash, they leave your stuff and go buy beer to enjoy back at their house.

“Stop enabling this behavior!! Done with rant, Sheriff. BTW, this is not about homeless people. It’s about panhandling.”


Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott


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