Mom thought her son was being bullied, so she brought a knife to his school, cop…

A Charlotte mom is accused of going to her son’s middle school Friday morning and threatening two teens with a knife, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Officers were called to Coulwood Middle School at 500 Kentberry Drive around 8 a.m., after reports of a woman being armed on campus, police said.

The mom, 32-year-old Olga Cortez, had followed her 13-year-old son’s bus to school because she believed two other 13-year-old boys were bullying him.

When Cortez arrived to the school, she began to argue with one of the suspected bullies, police said. That student then began to assault Cortez, so police said Cortez pulled out a knife and flailed it around after the two students.

Olga Cortez

Olga Cortez, 32, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after she drew a knife on two teenagers she thought were bullying her son.

Mecklenburg County Jail

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