Monday Rewind: Lingering thoughts from K-State's win over Baylor

Kansas State defeated Baylor 33-20 on Saturday at Snyder Family Stadium.

Three lingering thoughts from the game:

1. The struggle is real for K-State receivers.

Six drops against Vanderbilt. Four drops against Baylor. This is starting to become an alarming trend for the K-State receiving corps.

Things have been so bad the past two games that it almost feels surprising when the Wildcats don’t put the ball on the ground. Isaiah Zuber and Dalton Schoen are K-State’s only regular contributors with catch rates above 50 percent. That’s … Not good.

Byron Pringle was targeted four times on Saturday and didn’t make a catch. He’s had a rough go since the Central Arkansas game. Dominique Heath has been quiet all season. Isaiah Harris has disappeared.

Even Zuber, suddenly the most consistent receiver on the roster, had an ugly drop that cost K-State a touchdown against Baylor. At least he caught four passes for 79 yards and a score earlier in the game. He is right to describe K-State receivers as “the weak links on the team.” This position was thought to be a strength in the preseason, but it hasn’t turned out that way at all.

For now, K-State players seem to have confidence in their receivers and expect them to turn things around.

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