Nebraska panel approves alternative Keystone XL route

A Nebraska commission approved an alternative route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline through the state on Monday, removing the last major regulatory obstacle to building the long-delayed $8 billion project.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission’s vote on the long-delayed project could still be challenged in court. The alternative route would run farther north than the preferred route proposed by pipeline developer TransCanada Corp., which plans to build a 1,179-mile (1,897-kilometer) pipeline from Canada across several U.S. states.

The vote could clear the way for the company to gain access to the property of holdout landowners who vehemently oppose the pipeline, using the state’s eminent domain laws. More than 90 percent of Nebraska landowners along the route have agreed to let TransCanada bury the pipeline beneath their property, but those who oppose it have managed to thwart the project for years.

The project also faces intense opposition from environmental groups and Native American tribes. Business groups and some unions support the project as a way to create jobs and reduce the risk of shipping the oil by trains that can derail.

President Donald Trump issued a federal permit allowing for the project in March, reversing President Barack Obama administration’s rejection of it. TransCanada had said that it would announce in late November or early December whether it planned to proceed with building the pipeline, taking into account the Nebraska decision and whether it has lined up enough long-term contracts to ship oil.

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