New York Yankees will expand protective netting next season

Following a frightening scene in the stands, the New York Yankees are making a move to keep their fans safe.

Eleven days after a 1-year-old girl was injured by a foul ball at Yankee Stadium, the team said it plans to expand protective netting at its home ballpark and spring training complex next year.

The club announced the decision during its final regular-season game Sunday against Toronto.

Since the girl was injured Sept. 20 by a 105 mph line drive off the bat of Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier, several teams have announced they plan to add more netting to better protect fans.

“That’s great. I think not only here, but every team should have it,” Frazier said. “It’s a good step forward for the Yankees, man. I’m very proud to say I’m playing for this team and they’re going to make this change, and it’s really nice.”

In a news release, the Yankees said they will “significantly expand” the netting this offseason at Yankee Stadium and Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida. The team said while its current netting meets Major League Baseball recommendations, the additional netting planned for 2018 will exceed those guidelines.

“I think that anything that keeps our fans safe is good,” manager Joe Girardi said. “The ball is extremely hard, and sometimes reaction time isn’t good, and sometimes you’re blinded by the fans in front. So anything that keeps them safe, I’m all for it.”

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