New Yorker reveals the cover it would have used if Hillary Clinton had won the e…

With the release of Hillary Clinton’s post-election memoir, “What Happened,” people are regurgitating, reliving and relitigating the 2016 presidential election.

Now The New Yorker magazine has revealed the cover it had ready to go if Clinton had defeated Donald Trump.

The cover, named “The First,” was created by French artist Malika Favre.

“Over the past ten months, many Americans, regardless of how they voted, have contemplated what life would have looked like if Hillary Clinton had been elected President on November 8, 2016,” writes the magazine. “In at least one respect, we can now share a definitive answer.”

New Yorker art editor Francoise Mouly told the Washington Post the never-used cover “brings everything back to me in a flash.

“The night of the election, I was at the office late, hard at work with final retouching on (Favre’s) image. I was focused on the technical details, getting the face just right, and on the layout. …

“I was trying not to tune in the results coming in. I had not prepared anything else. Eventually the sense of dread that crept among the few colleagues still in the office eventually overwhelmed me, and I left.”

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